In this episode of The UNCENT$ORED Show, we tapped in with personal branding powerhouse, Maya Elious, to hear all there is to know about knowing your value, charging your worth, and operating in what she calls — your zone of genius. We’ve all heard that as business owners and entrepreneurs—we should charge our worth…but how do you even do that without knowing your value? In this episode you’ll hear about: Identifying Your Niche: Who are you trying to target with your products or services? It’s commonly believed that by trying to appeal to everyone, you’d be maximizing your profit or impact. However, by honing down on a niche, you’ll be more likely to appeal to the people who are best fit to buy your product or service. Identify Their Pain-Point: What problem are you trying to solve with your product or service? To identify your value, you must first understand how you’re uniquely positioned to make someone’s life easier. You Won’t Know How Much to Charge by Working for Free: It makes sense that most people will lean towards working pro bono as they refine their skills, but at some point, you have to start attaching a price tag to your skillset. The market will always guide you: if your prices are too high, people won’t buy it, and you’ll know to mark it down.