Goals seem to be a pretty hot topic in the world of personal development.  Whether you’re seeking improvement in yourself, your business, or your finances, there always seems to be a reoccurring theme: goal-setting. 

But, for some reason, many thought-leaders seem to leave out the part where you’re held accountable for the goals that you set for yourself.  

In this episode of The UNCENT$ORED Podcast, I sat down with Microsoft’s Strategic Sourcing Manager, Malcolm Hodge, to hear about the ways millennials can build personal wealth by using corporate-approved budgeting and finance strategies.

The main one?

Setting goals and REVISITING THEM. 

As Malcolm stated in this week’s episode “You can’t go any further without understanding where you currently are”. 

To hear more from Malcolm, and the ways that you can level up your finances,  make sure to tune in!

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Web: www.malcolmhodge.com

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