It’s no secret that 2020 has been challenging for just about all of us.  But, as with anything else in life, it’s all about how you turn the situation around to benefit you instead of harm you.  With the new year quickly approaching, it was only right that I bring the same entrepreneurial guidance that I share with my 1:1 clients.  

In this episode of the UNCENT$ORED Show, I get down to the nitty gritty details regarding how to truly level-up in the upcoming year.  Whether you’re seeking to improve personally or professionally, these tried & true steps are the ones you’ll want to implement as you wrap up the year and get geared up for the one ahead. 

First things first, before you start planning and preparing for the new year, you’ve got to make sure you have a good understanding of where you currently are. In last week’s episode, we touched on the importance of measuring and tracking your progress; so, it’s only right that we build upon that foundation by first listing out what we’d like our ideal life to look like.  

In your ideal life, what do you look like? What do you do for a living? Where do you live? Taking the time to ask yourself these questions allows you to have a high-level perspective on your end game.  Once you’re clear on that, you can then set the goals that will help you achieve that particular lifestyle. 

So, let’s say that you’re all set on who it is you want to become.  Now it’s time to align your current actions to your anticipated lifestyle.  

Don’t know where to start?  Here are the first three steps to take if you’re experiencing a lack of ambition and lifestyle alignment:

FIRST: Take a hard look at all of the things that are going on in your life. When you do this,  really take the time to think about what it is you do on a daily basis.  Who do you constantly speak to? What do you regularly listen to? Where is your time being distributed? 

SECOND: Read your list.  Do it twice if you want.  Now ask yourself,  Does this activity align with my ideal life? 

THIRD: Once you’re finished with the first two steps, you’ve got enough insight to decide if there’s anything that you can eliminate, automate, or outsource to someone else.  

As I’ve said before, Time-Freedom + Financial Freedom = Wealth.  

If you’re asking yourself how to best use your time for wealth-building, this is an episode that you don’t want to miss! 

Now, let me know your thoughts! Did you complete this exercise? 

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Show Notes: 

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