In this episode of The UNCENT$ORED Show, I dig back into the podcast’s roots with some practical money tips designed to help you take charge of your finance sooner rather than later. 

And yes, that includes within your relationship.  

Whether you’re dating someone special, are newlywed, or have been married for some time, the topic of finances is bound to come up eventually. Business Insider even said that money is the number one reason for arguments within couples. 

But that doesn’t mean that you should avoid the topic of money altogether. And it definitely doesn’t mean that it’s all bad.  As you listen to the episode, you’ll hear me describe how my wife and I kept our accounts separate during our first year of marriage—and how that didn’t turn out so well. But we got it together, we figured it out, and now things are better than ever. 

So what do you do when you’re ready to start talking money with your honey? 

Here are 8 steps towards approaching “The Money Talk” in your relationship:

1.Talk about where you both currently are with your finances. 

Get down to the nitty gritty.  What type of accounts do you each have? How much money is in those accounts? These are the types of questions you want to ask each other. 

2.Discuss your financial upbringing with each other.  

How were you raised financially? Did your parents talk about money often? What were the conversations like? This is most definitely the time to be vulnerable and open. 


Now that you’ve got the tough talk out of the way, this is your opportunity to dream big. What are your biggest money goals? Share these with your partner. 

4.What are your money fears?

What scares you most when it comes to your finances? 

5.Don’t judge. 

Now that you know your partner’s hopes, dreams, & fears, remember to be kind, understanding, and supportive. 

6.Now, dream together.  

This is the fun part. Building something on your own is great! But building something together is even better. 

7.Start small

Dream as big as you wish, but start small.  Build the foundation so that you can improve together over time. 

8.Revisit the plan often.

Things change, people change, so why should your plan stay the same? Revisit your goals often so that you’re always staying on track and relevant. 

See, that wasn’t so bad! Like Ne-Yo said, I’m a movement by myself…but I’m a force when we together!” 

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Show Notes: 

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