In this episode of the UNCENT$ORED Show, I sat down with Carter Cofield, a financial advisor for creative businesses, to hear all about what it takes to be successful as a creative entrepreneur.

We’re breaking down everything you need to know from how to offload non-beneficial clients, how to collaborate with others in your industry, and why raising your prices is important.

Tired of not charging your worth? Here are three reasons why raising your prices can actually benefit your business:

#1 – If you’re increasing your prices, that probably means you’ve increased your value. Offering your clients premium content, products and services means that you’re fulfilling your business purpose as opposed to just aiming to make money.

#2 – Have you ever noticed that when you’re paying a lot of money, you’re more engaged? That’s true for your client/customers too! When your audience is paying premium prices, they will be more clear and hands-on when it comes to working with you. When you’re able to deliver exactly what your client wants, you’ve got better chances of them coming back for more.

#3 – Let’s face it: when you’re not being compensated what you think you’re worth, you’re less likely to give it your all. Eliminate the feeling of “I’m not getting paid enough for this” by charging what the amount it takes to deliver the best you’ve got.

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