It’s no secret that entrepreneurship is a journey in itself. There are hi’s and there are low’s—but, there comes a part in every entrepreneur’s life, where they simply desire more revenue. 

There’s a common misconception that if you want to make more money, you’ve got to offer more products or services—but that’s not necessarily true.

In Episode 93, I sat down with Marquel Russell, AKA the King of Client Attraction, to hear all about what it takes to attract high-paying clients. 

On the show, Marquel shared one of his go-to strategies for attracting clients.

The Rule of One. 

In his words, “In order to multiply, you’ve got to simplify”; so, the rule of one goes a little like this:

Identify your ONE ideal client:

This is your “easy win” client. In essence, this is a client that you would love to work with.  That’s not all though, this easy win client is someone that you know you could deliver tangible results in a designated period of time. 

Identify the ONE problem that you could solve for that client. 

Sure, you could probably solve several problems for your clients, but, this is the time to identify the single problem that you’re best qualified to solve. 

Identify your ONE godfather offer. 

Godfather offer? Yep, that’s right.  A godfather offer is just a special term for an offer they just cannot refuse. This is an offer that is priced at a premium, is leveraged in your favor, and can be delivered at scale.  That way, you can confidently look your client in the eye and say “THIS is the thing that you need to get result”. 

Create ONE marketing funnel for lead conversion. 

Do you have one main marketing funnel that you use to attract your ideal client? If not, it’s time to create one! 

Choose ONE traffic source:

It can be Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads —whatever! But choose one traffic source, preferably a paid one, so that you’re able to generate unlimited leads. 

Optimize ONE conversion method:

This could be a live event, an enrollment call, a free webinar–whatever works best for you and your ideal client.  Just stick to one. 

Send out ONE email per day:

Yes, every single day. The key here is consistent communication so that you’re always top of mind in the heads of your ideal clients. 

Give yourself ONE year: 

No, not to add more methods, events, or funnels —but to remove them.  Give yourself one year to edit, refine, and remove what’s not working so that you’re simplifying your strategy  even further. 

This all leads to ONE million.

And just like that, you’ve got a winner’s strategy for attracting high-paying clients! They don’t call him the King of Client Attraction for anything. 

We’re not done yet though! As a thank you for listening to the episode, Marquel is opening his Paid Ad Playbook to the podcast’s listeners completely free of charge!

To learn more about Marquel, visit his website and follow him on Instagram. 

Until next week! 


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Don’t forget to Rate, Subscribe, & Review the Podcast on Apple & Spotify.