Do you ever wonder what it’s like to sit in on the conversation between two financial advisors? 

In this episode of The UNCENT$ORED Show, I chopped it up with a good friend, and fellow financial advisor, Jacqueline Schadeck, to hear her take on the best investments to make, the importance of holistic money planning, and wealth-building tips for today’s generation.

Jacqueline is a Certified Financial Planner who focuses on advising clients on holistic financial habits and strategies after having experienced the tragedy of bad financial advice through her family’s loss of $1.4 million,  

Since then, Jacqueline has been serving her community by offering tips on money planning, and even has a book that will be available next week! 

Why you should listen to this episode: 

This episode is special in more ways than I can count.  It’s your chance to hear advice from not one, but TWO financial planners, whether you’re an entrepreneur or a W2 employee.  

When asked about how w2 employees can maximize their 401k’s, Jacqueline suggested the following three: 

Maximize your 401k.

The current maximum amount for 401k is about $20,000.  

Use your employee match. 

Many employers offer the benefit of matching an employee’s contribution, which is practically free money. If that’s not enough, it’ll also limit your tax liability, 

Work up to a goal.

Even if you can’t commit to $20k per year, Jacqueline suggests starting off where you can, and increasing your contribution until you max out your $20k allotment.  

As usual, the gems were dropped. 

To catch up with Jacqueline, head to her website where she helps people reshape their relationships with money. 

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