In the first episode of 2021, I sat down with our newest co-host and fellow financial advisor, Jacqueline Schadeck to bring our listeners a step-by-step guide on ways that you can set yourself up for financial success this year. 


You can’t know where you want to go without looking at where you are. 

Go in and look at your numbers right now

    • How much cash do you have allocated?
    • How are your investments doing? How are your stakes?


What specific financial goals do you have? What’s the easiest way to achieve them? 

Reverse engineer your goals: start at the end and then work backwards from there. 

    • Breaking down your goals as finite as possible to remember how attainable it is. 
      • Tie it down to something that’s more meaningful to it. 
      • Attach your goal to something qualitative. 
      • For example, everyone wants financial independence, but what exactly does that mean for you? 
    • Give a title to the accounts that you have so that your qualitative goals are more real for you
      • Job loss, no income. 
      • Expenses we expect to happen ex: vehicle taxes, a major surgery, 
      • Everyday spending money
      • Vacations
      • Treat it like a bill. It’s mandatory. 
      • Emergency Fund: 
      • Emergency Reserves: 
      • Variable spending account: 
      • Major Expenses: 
      • Investments:


  1. Save for your taxes
      • Run back through 2020 finances and see what you didn’t have withheld so that you know what you’ll owe the IRS. 
      • If you’re due a refund this year, have a game plan for what you’re going to do with it. 
  1. Plan Out Your Savings:
      • Get a little more granular 
      • At what point do you want work to be optional? 
      • Consider no longer using the word retirement and instead think of it as “financial independence”. 
        • What are your retirement accounts? 
        • What makes sense for you to invest? 


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