Hello everyone! Thank you so much for checking out my new site, what we will call “George’s World” for now. Is that super corny? Lol. Anyway, I bought my domain name sometime back in 2016 I believe. I knew that one day, I would need a “home-base” to house all the madness. A lot of ideas, dreams, hopes, and aspirations were inside of my head. I knew I had to get them out one day and create a centralized home for them. If you have not figured it out yet, I do a lot. A whole lot lol. The quick rundown can be found here.

I am a Husband, a serial entrepreneur, a finance thought leader and someone who just wants to enjoy life while I am here. That is largely the reason why I created this site. All of my other companies have a very specific purpose. This site, however, gives me a chance to highlight all the other things that I am interested in. Travel, Food, Fun, Fashion, and myriad of other things that interest me that I believe you will find value in. Of course, you’ll still get some of my core content that you probably know me for, but this is the place where I get to share whatever I want and not be beholden to one specific thing.

What can you expect? Well, in all honesty, I’m not 100% sure yet, and that is the exciting part. Of course, I have some interesting things that are on the horizon, but for now, let’s just say I am ready to share all the things that I have been waiting on for years. Now is the time, and I Hope that you’ll take this journey with me. 

Until next time, Chao!


George Acheampong.