Hi there, my name is

George Acheampong.

I am a thought leader in the area of Personal finance, Wealth Building and entrepreneurship. I am the Founder and Managing Partner of Capitalwize, LLC  A Financial Planning and Investment Management Firm. We work with aspiring & current 1st Generation millionaires to become legacy leavers for their family.  Most recently, I  founded a Venture Capital Firm, Melanin Money Capital. We invest in early stage Black-owned Start-ups.

I’m also the Founder of Melanin Money,  home of the #1 Financial Club for Aspiring Melanin Millionaire’s. Members have access to a Financial Social Network, On-demand Education & Financial accountability partner that helps guide you to making Proactive, Practical, smart financial decisions, that are personal to you. We also have a podcast and merchandise store as well.

See more about all of my companies here.

Since the beginning of my career, I have been passionately committed to helping others live the lifestyle they’ve always wanted today, while planning the legacy they will leave tomorrow. My mission is: “To increase the quality of life of others, keep families together, break generational curses and to build lasting legacies of significance, purpose and worth.”

I have received hundreds of endorsements for my expertise in financial services and have been a go-to expert on TV, Radio and other media outlets alike. My previous podcast, The UNCENT$ORED Show,  is ranked as a top 10 podcast by Forbes and has downloaded by thousands of people in over 50 countries. We are on pace to set new records with our latest Podacast, The Melanin Money Show.

Aside from my various roles within my companies, I  participate in a number of community and philanthropic events in the Charlotte area as well as speaking engagements about financial empowerment, business, and personal development. The cornerstone of my philosophy that I live by is “It’s not about what you would do if you could; it’s what you can do with what you have.” I enjoy being physically active, spending time with family and friends and traveling with my wife, Majesty.

I am a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Economics from the Bryan School of Business and was honored with the Young Alumni of The Year Award in 2019.