Interested in having George speak at your event?

Speaking Areas of expertise:

Business & Entrepreneurship 

  • Quantifying your true value 
  • Building a brand in a noisy marketplace
  • Business by the numbers
  • Overcoming Adversity


Financial Planning 

  • Money Mindset
  • Investing & Financial independence 
  • cash flow management 
  • Debt Management
  • Risk Management
  • Saving & financial goals


Below are a few of my past speaking engagements for organizations, companies and educational institutions. I am available for workshops, panel discussions, fireside chats and keynotes.

T -Mobile Business Credit

Built To Impact Retreat

 Altrusit – Going Independent

Market-A-Thon 2020

Google Digital Coaches

The State of The Black College 

Cash Convos With Courtney 2020

Melanin Millionaire Mindset  

Financially Savvy Millennials

Blueprint CLT 2020 

Social Proof 2020   

The OH Show Live 2020   

Charge Your Investment Portfolio 2020   

Shine Institute 2018  

Queen City Stem School 2018   

Social Proof 2018  

T.I.M.E Summit 2018   

Nations Ford Community Church 2018   

Men Pray 2019   

North Mecklenburg High – 2015  

Christian Faith Center -2016   

Black Tech Charlotte – 2017 

Launch and Bloom -2019  

Seeds of Promise -2019  

Fayetteville State -2019  

Fashion Cents – 2017 

Man up Summit – 2016