Below is a list of the companies that I am both the founder and majority owner of. All companies listed are currently active and have not been acquired.

Acheampong Acquisitions a holding company for the personal investments of George Acheampong.

Capitalize, LLC is a Boutique Financial Planning Firm serving current and aspiring 1st Generation Millionaires.

Melanin Money is the official brand for generational wealthy builders of color. Our mission is to galvanize and educate people of color on how to build wealth.

The Stock Shop is the World’s 1st Ecommerce experience for investing in the stock market. It’s an easy, intuitive and simple way to learn about stocks you may want to own. Just add them to your cart, and invest!

Melanin Money Capital is balancing the playing field for black founders by providing angle/seed capital to select high growth, US-based startups. In addition to capital, we create positive social impact by directly investing into underrepresented communities through the sharing of equity-profits during liquidity events.